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Small businesses with less than 4 employees make up the vast number of new businesses in the USA

There are a large number of small businesses in the Cincinnati area.  A recent study reported 160,000 businesses in our area that do not have paid employees. According to the same study “business may be the owner’s primary source of income, such as with real estate agents and physicians, but in other instances, they may operate the business as a side job, such as with babysitting and tutoring.” In the Cincinnati area we have a big number of freelancers in marketing, advertising, design and even small scale manufacturing 

There are many individuals who sell hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, body lotions, paintings and fabrics as 1 – 2 person operations. They are often times stay-at-home moms with toddlers or home-schooled students with them during the day.  Married couples or partners create their own home-based businesses; for example, custom home builders, real estate agents, interior designers and catering.  Oh and there’s landscapers , tree care specialists , home remodelers and roofers- there are as many businesses as there are people who about being their own boss or working from home.

I understand the needs of each start-up or family-owned business is different and unique

As a freelancer WordPress designer in Cincinnati  I understand the needs of these kinds of businesses and I  have  special pricing and payment programs for them. I want to encourage the growth of start-ups and family-run businesses. Did you know there 2 million of these ventures in Ohio accounted for $98 billion (yes, that’s billions!) in revenue in Cincinnati  in 2013. Wow, that’s a lot of money! Imagine how much that number has grown four years later.

I  know that this might be your first website and you don’t know where to start or how much to spend. A website can be a big investment and every dollar you spend on it is a dollar you don’t have to spend on advertising or inventory. Everybody has to have a website these days. Most one person and family businesses use their website as their primary or even exclusive advertising vehicle because it works.

My websites are very easy to update and manage on your own

The websites I build for businesses of this type are fully featured and easy to update and maintained by you. The main thing that makes a website more expensive is the need for a shopping cart and payment system if you are selling things online. If you are simply offering services online you can get a fantastic site from me for a very low price. I can make your 2 person shop look like a BIG national brand with 100 employees – I have done it many times successfully. As your business grows we can scale up your site and expand its size and functionality.

I can do it all for you

You will need SEO help you’ll get that, too. Logo design , videos, aerial photography -web can do it all. Although we’re in Cincinnati  and specialize in websites for businesses in our area, we have clients across North America and around the world. We have fantastic references. So, give us a call at here and let’s talk about your project. You can also fill our a quote form below and we can start that way.