Drones For Special Events & Outdoor Activities

A new way to capture memories of a special day

Are you getting married soon?

Have you considered using Drone Photography as part of your wedding photo package?

Using drone photography at your wedding allows you to capture the bride & groom, guests and venue from the air, resulting in spectacular images not achievable from ground level photography.

I  see wedding images captured from a Drone as an amazing addition to the usual wedding pictures and video, I work with your photographer and/or videographer in providing them with the additional complementary imagery to add to the overall collection or final video.

My drones can fly up to 400ft above your special day capturing special moments not possible from the ground. Catch your guests enjoying the day or romantic moments between yourself and your loved one. 

Wedding Photography

My Wedding Packages Include

  • Aerial photos of the church/venue
  • Aerial photos of the guests, immediate family, bride and groom

For Your Information

  • The church and/or venue must give permission to operate on their property
  • I cannot operate in the rain or foggy conditions
  • I can fly in winds up to 26 mph gusts – a review will be carried out on the day
  • Drones can be quite noisy and distracting, I will lease with the hosts at the venue for the best times to operate.

Wedding Photography Portfolio

Please note that Drone flights are covered by legislation prescribed by the US Federal  Aviation Administration  (FAA), and Drone pilots are required to be trained, assessed and licensed. Flights are subject to weather conditions and require the permission of the land/venue owner to take-off and land. NOT all venues and weddings are suitable for drone photography and video filming, so please get in touch first.

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