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If your website has fallen stagnant over the years or you just don’t have time to update it regularly, you need to get a website support plan in place immediately. My WordPress support service manages the technical aspects of owning a website so you can focus on writing content and growing your company. This means you’ll reclaim lost time and income, enjoy an increase in sales and inbound leads, and you’ll be at ease knowing your website is taken care of.

The following items are included in all packages.
For additional features, view plans & pricing below for details.


iDesignsite Studios partners with Siteground & Dreamhost that utilizes Kinsta's premium WordPress hosting for fast, reliable and secure service.


Site backups are the cornerstone of disaster recovery. Should you ever need to roll back to a previous version, you are covered.


Security should be your #1 WordPress concern. The Internet can be a dangerous place, so let me protect your site.


Keeping WordPress and it's associated plugins and themes up-to-date is the best way to ensure a happy, healthy website.


Have peace of mind knowing you're staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings for your website.


For being part of the support squad you'll enjoy discounted hourly rates on any extra development needed for your site.

WordPress Support Plans

I offer a set of tried-and-tested support plans that take the worry away from keeping your WordPress website up-to-date. What’s more, if you want to discuss any WordPress design or development work for your site, I’ll already have a good idea of how everything is running and working. If you later decide to take up my hosting plan too, you’ll receive a discount on your support plan.

Website Support Best

Best Support

$100 / Month

Peace of mind for those slightly bigger sites. This is the top notch. The best support I can give, done in the fastest time possible.

  • Bi-weekly WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates
  • Caching plugin installed and set-up
  • Security plugin installed and set-up
  • Uptime checks every 5-minutes
  • Daily backups, stored for 30-days
  • Monthly backups, stored for 3-months
  • Response within 7-working hours

Mid-Range Support

$50/ Month

Great for eCommerce site or those with just a bit more going on behind the scenes that need a little more care.

  • Monthly WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates
  • A selection of plugins to help secure and speed-up your site
  • Caching plugin set-up and tested
  • Uptime checks every 3-hours
  • Monthly backups, stored for 3-months
  • Response within 24-working hours
Website Support Midrange
Website Support Basic

Basic Support

$30 /Month

Perfect for small and growing websites that need some help staying up-to-date without the concern of breaking something.

  • Monthly WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates
  • A selection of plugins to help secure your site
  • Uptime checks once a day
  • Monthly backups, stored for 3-months
  • Response within 24-working hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most related questions and answers about my Local SEO service.

Let me answer that with an emphatic YES! Just like a vehicle your WordPress website needs continued maintenance to run properly, so it can continue to function and serve you and your clients without issue.


For a little more in depth information on why you should be concerned with maintaining your website, I have written an article that you can read here: Why WordPress Maintenance & Security is important


My support plans are more in depth than the regular maintenance plans that don’t come with premium hosting. They are designed to help improve your business and keep it moving forward with preventative measures, content updates and development hours.

At this time, I do not. My support hours are (excluding US holidays) Monday to Friday, 7am – 2pm EST.


However, since Siteground hosting is being utilized for all of my support plans, you may use their 24/7 customer service if you’re experiencing issues with the site and it is outside of my working hours.

Once you have chosen your support plan, Phantom Freelance will send over an intake form along with the contract for you to sign.


If your site is currently hosted elsewhere we will need to migrate it over and some credentials will be collected on the intake form for this.


If you are hosting a brand new site then not much is needed on your end, I’ll provide you with all the login details once it’s setup.

Rest assured any plugin updates that break your site will be fixed and/or rolled back to a working version while the plugin developer fixes the problem.


The majority of issues are addressed free of charge. However, I cannot be held responsible for any user caused errors, custom code from another developer or the addition of conflicting plug-ins by someone on your team, etc. Time to fix these errors will come out of the alloted support time for the year, or if you’re on pay-as-you-go you will be contacted regarding any issues and provided with an estimate for fixes.

I will contact you before billing for any additional work.

In the event your website is hacked, the Hack and Malware Removal service is included with ALL packages.


Phantom Freelance continuously monitors your website with ongoing security scans. If there is an issue I will be notified. Your website is also manually checked once a month while performing regular WordPress updates. Unfortunately, even with proactive monitoring, no one can catch every security issue. In the event a breach does take place, my goal is to respond immediately within business hours. Valid security concerns take precedent over any and all other development tasks I may be working on.

Being a car owner my motto was always “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I generally apply the same rule to WordPress plugins. If it’s not causing any issues or opening up any security flaws, there is no reason to jump to something else. That being said the plugin will be monitored monthly, and should an issue arise I will contact you regarding the severity of the problem and most likely suggest an alternative.


If a new plugin is needed, time to install/configure it will come out of the allocated support time for the year, or if you’re on pay-as-you-go you will be contacted and provided with an estimate for the upgrade.

If you currently have your own hosting, we will need to migrate your website over to my hosting, at which time you can cancel your current hosting plan.

If you do not wish to switch your hosting and instead stay with the provider you are with, you will not be able to utilize these support plans, as they are customized to the hosting environment. That being said I do offer simplified WordPress Maintenance Services with reduced features.

You certainly can! Since support is done month to month if you wish to upgrade, the upgraded services will apply to following month and every month there after.


If you would like to upgrade the support level on your website please contact me directly to get started.

Of course! I\’ve no desire to trick you into signing something that you might later regret. What I do want, is what\’s best for both of us, now and in the future.


The cancellation policy is as follows:


You may cancel your monthly website support at any time by providing me notice in writing 30 days in advance. I may cancel services at any time when support matching payments made have been delivered by providing notice in writing 30 days in advanc

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