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Find out why your business doesn’t appear in local search.

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It’s perfect for a Local business

If you’re a local business owner, with four out of five people now using a search engine to look for a local business now is the time to start optimizing your website for Local SEO. Potential customers are getting smarter about how they search on Google and other major search engines, if they’re looking for something (a product or service) close to them, they’ll often add their location on to what they’re searching for. Sometimes they won’t but the search engines realize this as well and will optimize the search results based on that persons location If you’ve been looking for a ‘local SEO consultant in Cincinnati’ or a ‘freelance web designer in Cincinnati’, Google would have provided you a list of businesses in the map results at the top of the search results when searching from a mobile phone or computer.

These listings get featured prominently at the top of the search, coupled their brightly colored features, star ratings and large links makes them easy targets for people to click on. And guess what? They do! This is where a service like Local SEO can help you dominate in the search engines quickly and easily. My local search engine optimization service is the ideal solution for a business that wants to service customers locally. It’s ideal for people like tradesman, accountants, hairdressers, lawyers & even web designers like myself that want to target customers in their local area and rank higher on Google.

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Local Works for Everyone

All Businesses and Budgets

By working with me, you’ve got access to a leading Local SEO specialist fluent with the full suite of professional, local SEO tools necessary to deliver results that get you in the top 3. I’ve been specializing in local search for over 5 years with many successful campaigns. My Local SEO service works for all types of business and all types of budges. Some of my clients have built up continuous flows of enquiries through Local SEO with minimal investment after just a few months. For a free checkup of your Local SEO strategy just fill in the form with your details.


How Does Local SEO Services Work?


Just like standard Search Engine Optimization services, Local SEO is geared towards letting your website rank higher in related search, but this time if more specific geographical or locality-based elements are included in the search query

If for example you have a restaurant business in Cincinnati, Local SEO services increases your chances of appearing in the first page and top positions of search results every time a targeted customer searches for “Restaurant in Cincinnati” or “Top Cincinnati Restaurants” and so on


Local SEO services optimizes relevant pages and content in your website for locality-based keywords and keyword phrases, ensuring that your sites have good online presence from a localized perspective. Other optimization activities may include:

  • Optimize website copy for geographic and regional terms and keywords
  • Submissions to local directories
  • Inclusion in regional listings of major search engines
  • Social media campaign from a localized perspective
  • And many more!

Optimize your website for inclusion in Google Maps – so people on or near your local area of business operations can find you.


Why Use Local SEO Services for your Business?


  1. Many people have transitioned to doing many standard daily activities online and up to 83% rely on search engines to look for local businesses or providers to supply them with their needs. Yet, reports indicate that up to 30 percent of online users have difficulty finding a local business they need.
  2. With local SEO services, targeted clients can find your local business faster and more accurately, way better than your competitors who don’t.
  3. Local SEO services provide your business with highly targeted search marketing tools which can give a good positive impact to your bottom line. Note that most local search users are more ready to purchase something because of an urgent need which you can provide – if they find you.
  4. There will be less competition for your business as you will compete for ranking from a localized geographical standpoint – and not the whole country or the whole world.

Ready to reach more targeted customers in your area today? Then contact me below  now and let me help you optimize your website for maximum results.




From / $600

Includes making the site SEO friendly, verifying title tags, implementing Google Search Console, submitting site to Google, adding Google analytics, mobile analysis, monitoring keywords, and setting up goals for the site.

Initial SEO Setup

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • 5 Local Keyword Research


On-Page SEO

  • Speed Optimization
  • XML Sitemap
  • Add ALT Tags to Images
  • Page Title and Descriptions
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • SEO-friendly URLs

Off-Page SEO

  • 3 Business Directory Listing
  • 10 High Quality stock images

Ranking report pricing is also available as an add-on to my WP Care+ Maintenance packages at a lower monthly price)

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