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Achieve the coveted green padlock in internet browsers

Your Website Is Not Secure By Default

If your website has been marked as ‘Not Secure’, it’s time to start protecting yourself from harm. My HTTP to HTTPS Conversion service can help you lock your site down which means you’ll ensure a safe browsing experience on your site and avoid a bad reputation.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website is an easy way to give your site’s SEO a small boost and to make your visitors feel more secure when using and browsing your site. Without an SSL certificate installed, visitors see the “Not Secure” notice below in their browser when visiting your site, which doesn’t inspire much confidence:


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You can determine whether or not you have an SSL certificate installed on your site by typing “https://[your-homepage-URL].ext” (e.g. into your browser. If your website loads properly, you have an SSL certificate installed. But if you see the notice below, you either don’t have an SSL certificate installed or don’t have one installed properly.


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  • Enjoy a performance and rankings boost from Google.
  • SSL Certificates are now free with Let’s Encrypt. No more excuses.
  • Rest easy knowing you’re providing a safe environment to your users.


HTTP to HTTPS Conversion


  • Potential security breaches can cost thousands in lost revenue.
  • Leads will leave your site if they don’t feel their information is safe.
  • More and more plugins are requiring an HTTPS connection to function.

The HTTP to HTTPS conversion service I provide results in a faster, safer website browsing experience for everyone. This will help you boost performance and rankings, retain leads and live with a peace of mind you’re protecting your users.


Let’s Build A Safer Web Together


I help clients with insecure websites achieve the coveted green padlock in internet browsers so they can maintain lead generation, improve search engine rankings, and reduce the risk of a security breach. I do this by installing an SSL certificate, updating database URLs, and manually checking individual pages and posts for warnings. The HTTPS conversion service I provide results in a faster, safer website browsing experience. This helps my clients boost performance and get found more often online, and provides peace of mind knowing they’re protecting visitors. If you want to make Google happy and remove the ‘Not Secure’ label your website has been given, I invite you to fill out the contact form to get started.


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