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As a small business owner, I know just how important it is to keep track of spending. The last thing you want is any hidden surprises when it comes to building your online website. So, while many web developers do not display their prices, I’m more than happy to do so. I like to be as transparent as possible about my pricing, so you can keep to your budget.


And I know every business is unique, so if any of the below packages don’t fit? I do encourage you to reach out and request a quote.



  • hosting help
  • domain registration help
  • WordPress installation and set-up
  • Migration Setup
  • Third-Party integrations 
  • WordPress Admin area layout customization
  • Admin area improvements
  • Automatic back-up plugin
  • Security setup and configuration

UI Design


  • navigation menus
  • Input controls allow users to input information into the system. …
  • Navigational components help users move around a product or website. …
  • Informational components share information with users.
  • Containers hold related content together.
  • 1 front & 1 internal page layout, in 3 sizes each
  • Components design 
  • font specification
  • one revision (additional revisions are charged at my hourly rate)

*Note: For more layouts, see the Additions package.



  • one custom, responsive WordPress theme
    • Popular browser and device tested
    • templates included:
      • front, internal, blog home, archive, 404, single post, header, footer, comments, sidebar, contact page
    • other files included:
      • CSS stylesheet, PHP functions, favicon fileset, design image files, backgrounds
    • 2 navigation menus
  • one revision (additional revisions are charged at my hourly rate)

*Note: Fonts, plug-ins, and photos can be included for the cost of their licenses. Keep in mind that some licenses are subscription-based. This package is not compatible with the 3rd Party Theme package.

3rd Party Theme



  • prospecting, installation & set-up
  • minor customizations, including:
    • colours
    • fonts
    • backgrounds
    • standard configuration settings

*Note: Not compatible with the Development package.



  • WCAG 2.1 compliance audit
  • accessibility testing and analysis
  • JavaScript/JQuery tag and label modifiers
  • CSS contrast modifications
  • alternative text improvements on 10 media elements

*Note: Get 65% off if bundled with the Development package.

Marketing Base


  • SEO plugin set-up for meta tag and content guidance, and sitemap
  • e-newsletter sign up and form integration
  • marketing pop-up opt-ins
  • social media share links
  • social media page links
  • Google structured data mark-up

Performance & Security


  • caching plugin and set up
  • Content Delivery Network set up
  • some WordPress optimizations
  • page speed testing and calibration
  • form captchas and premium security features
  • may include a secure server set up through Let’s Encrypt*

*Note: A good score on Google Page Speed Insights or the like is NOT guaranteed. CDN set-up may involve a subscription-based fee. Let’s Encrypt certificates require web hosting support. If your website host does not support Let’s Encrypt, then SSL/TLS certificates may involve additional charges.




*Note: These are only available with the Development package.

Google Analytics integration with your website. To track site statistics and traffic sources.

Deliver great customer service with live chat that offers a more personalized experience. Setup live chat on your website in minutes. Resolve customer issues & tickets instantly.

Add a shopping cart or e-commerce element to your website. SSL certificate setup, adding products, shopping cart setup, and plugin installation and setup.

Online booking system Booking website or widget for your own website. Let clients schedule appointments, get reminders 

Increase visibility and boost conversions with ease by adding multilingual functionality.

Custom contact forms so visitors can contact you for various reasons and from various pages.

MailChimp, ConvertKit, and others. A mailing list helps you keep your audience engaged and informed. This service includes full setup of your mailing list account and integration with your site.

**Note: For eCommerce, Community Bulletin Board, logos, additional items for a 3rd Party Theme, or any other additional items please contact me for a quote.



*Note: Only available with the Development or 3rd Party Theme package.

  • 1 hour in person training session
    OR 1 two page instruction sheet

explaining how to:

    • create/edit posts and pages
    • add pictures and shortcodes
    • update your website
    • moderate comments
    • edit menus
    • make back-ups



  • reinstall website from a back up
  • hacked file scan and purge
  • migrate content from another platform to a self-hosted WordPress site
  • update your older WordPress website, themes and plug-ins to the current versions (license fees are extra)
  • replace/remove deprecated plugins

*Note: Some sites do not qualify for this package, but instead require a full redesign. This package is not available for eCommerce sites.

On-Going Care


*Note: Only available with the Development or 3rd Party Theme package.

  • some font, photo and/or plug-in subscription fees
  • routine WordPress & plug-in updates
  • routine site back-ups & security checks
  • routine site layout check-ups
  • up to 1 hour/month of Website support and edits (as needed)
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Daily Hourly Rate

All my prices are calculated using my base day rate of $350. I review this once a year to ensure it’s fair and in line with my experience and the industry.

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Face-to-face Meetings

I won’t charge for any scheduled meetings as part of a project but additional or impromptu meetings are charged at my current hourly rate plus a room booking fee.

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Phone & Video Calls

I’ll never charge you for calling me (except when providing a service or extra support), I just ask that anything important discussed over the phone is also sent to me via email.

Nurture Your New Websitewith my Maintenance PlansVALUE OR ENHANCED CARE PLANS

Note: All packages are subject to an acceptance process, based on my availability. If your project is accepted, after paying an upfront retainer fee of 25% of the package price, you can pay for the remainder of the development by following the payment schedule outlined in the agreement. For minor services, my hourly rate of $75 cad/hour. If additional features or revisions are required mid-project, they can be added-on after completion but prior to launch. You may also contact me for a custom quote instead of building a package.