Drones in Construction & Engineering {Visual Inspection}

Accurate inspections to determine the condition and anomalies, of a structure

Drones are the perfect imaging platform for capturing work in progress on constructions sites & civil engineering related structures such as roads & bridges  they can be safely operated from a single vantage point  onsite without causing interfering or disruption to the work on the ground i have worked on few construction sites for a variety of engineering & construction companies capturing images and videos for use in business branding and stakeholder communications  these include : flying the drone over wet cement filming a Onsite Construction Progress , Wall Structures, Roof Structures and Work In Progress Videos 

Roof and structural drone inspections

Traditional roof surveys methods can be time-consuming, expensive and also dangerous for those involved. Using  state of the art Unmanned Aerial Systems we can survey both domestic and industrial roofs much quicker, safer and collect high-resolution imagery and video providing and instant and permanent record.

Roof Inspection Northern Kentucky
Contruction Progress View Cincinnati

Infrastructure Inspections

Determine the condition of aging infrastructure by using drones to access difficult-to-reach locations, and gather the data you need both safely and efficiently.

Or, use periodic scans to help asses the rate at which it’s deteriorating.


Types of Inspections :

  • Roof & Gutter {Visual}
  • Commercial Building {Progress Photos}
  • Structural Damages {Visual}
  • Construction Progress Photos
  • Backyard Ponds, Water Tanks Poles , Solar Panels
  • And More…

Drones Inspection Portfolio

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